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Ideas, Plot & Structure

A 90-minute age appropriate workshop teaching the basics of Ideas, Plot & Structure via secure link on ZOOM. 


Limited numbers so there's be time  & space for questions.

Ages 9-11 limited to 10 - FULL ATM Subscribe for new dates

Ages12-16 limited to 10- FULL ATM Subscribe for new dates

Adult groups limited to 20 - Booking Now

Free or subsidised places if you're unable to play. NO stigma, one day you can pay it forward. Message for discount codes.

Click link to go to booking pages.

Cost: £12 per person per session.


Option One: Ideas, Plot & Structure


Option Two: Ideas, Character & Setting

Available via secure zoom link or your preferred platform.

Length: 30 or 60 minutes 

Cost: from £60 to £120 


A great opportunity to ask all those burning author questions or an ideal follow-up to a workshop.


After a brief introduction, Kathryn will answer audience questions.

Available via your preferred platform.

Length: Up to one hour


Cost: £100

Plot & Structure Workshop Video

Rent for 3 days or buy and use forever,  Kathryn Evans' popular Plot & Structure workshop in video format to flex to your timetable.


Content: How to generate ideas, the seven different types of plot and how story structure works


This workshop should leave students with the bones of a story ready for development and the skills to plan future work. Suitable for ages 11 and up.

Free downloadable teacher notes and worksheets.


Conditions: You may show the video as many times as you like to anyone in your school, college, club or library but material must not be copied, nor shared outside your organisation. 

Length: 45 minutes + time for participation


Cost: £50 to rent for three days, or £200 to purchase


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